The Cost of IT

Q: Do you see IT as a direct or indirect cost?

By Martin White

Martin is a Director, Chief Troubleshooter, and Founder of PC-FIXED.  He has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years and likes to explore and develop ideas for the application of the latest technology in everyday lives.

A: There’s no right or wrong answer and, in truth, it may be that, for you, it is somewhere in between – but there is a way to better focus your thinking: Could you do your job / provide your services without IT?

You see, IT is likely to be a critical part of your business processes – estimating, invoicing, purchasing, communicating, marketing, etc. – so it follows that the better, more efficient, and smarter your IT then the better you will be at all these things.

So, here’s a suggestion that may help you (its three actually)

  1. Isolate and analyze the cost of your IT then express this as a percentage of your revenues. Is this more or less than your competition?  Are you compromising your potential by not allocating enough?
  2. Ask yourself if you overhauled your IT is there a potential to work more efficiently (cheaper), more responsively (faster) or to a higher quality (better).
  3. Consider whether you are properly protected from the risk of IT failure. Have you tested this?

At PC-FIXED we often pick up the pieces where IT has gone wrong, but we also like to work with our clients to prevent IT disasters and to help them make better use of the latest smart tech.

If you would like to explore some of these ideas a bit further why not give us a call?  We are always happy to come to you and see how we can help.

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