Here’s a free backup tip!

Most of our pictures nowadays are created and stored digitally and end up on our phones or computers.

It’s not hard to imagine the pain of losing them if you are unlucky enough to have a computer failure or phone wreck.

So here’s an idea you might want to look into. Google provides a free service called Google Photos. All you need is a google Gmail account and you can copy all your photos from all your devices into one photo library. You can download an app for PCs and Phones which will keep all your photos in sync. This means you can take a photo on your phone and within seconds, access it from any of your devices.

Google PhotosGoto google photos, sign in with your Gmail account, opt to use High Quality (default) not original size and follow the prompts.

Now all your precious photos are safely stored independently of your phone or computer. An added bonus is that they are now all sorted in date order and are searchable by recognizable objects i.e. search for ‘dogs’ and all photos with dogs appear – magic!

Google also provides some optional ‘assistants’ which can help you make collages, animations or albums and you can also share these with friends and family without having to copy or email them
Well worth a try.

BTW if you have an old PC or Laptop which has failed and has photos or documents you would love to recover, give me a call. I recently rescued 20GB of photos and family tree info for one of my customers who was well chuffed!

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